Wednesday, 5 October 2016

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                                     The Idea Behind Studream

As a Student I have noticed that there are various problems that students faces in day to day life.
I come from a middle class background family so I don't have enough money to buy such costly books in each year. I have prepared for I.I.T so I know Many students in India prepared for Competitive Exam in every year and they all are facing same problems -
1- If you are in another city,the big problem is to find the room for rent and it wastes our lot of time.
2- Another problem is food,the food given their is not tasty and unhealthy.


We are presently dealing with buying and selling of Half Price books and free Advertisement such that students can find rooms, tasty foods, tutor easily in their Locality. Most of the students come from Middle-class family and poor family so they cannot afford to buy new books and it takes a lot of time to find good and price efficient tutor, rooms, tasty foods in their Locality. So we thought of solving this problem using Internet by bringing the whole ecosystem of Advertisement Online that helps Students. In India despite of the presence of some big players in the Indian Online Classified Ads, there is no big name which completely deals to solve Students problem. There is big gap and need to solve this problem. So we provide an Online Portal where students can sell or buy books and find tutors, rooms, tasty foods service in their Locality.

Studream is an free online service which care the need of Students where you can sell or buy and do free Advertisement -

Used Books -
Sell or Buy Used Books such as School Books,Competitive Books,College Books.                                                                                                      
Handwritten Notes -
Sell or Buy Handwritten Notes of Competitive Exams such as I.I.T J.E.E, J.E.E Mains, Gate, Medical Entrance Exams etc.                                                            

Advertisement -  Submit Ads to Promote your  -
                                   Room for Rent        
                                   Promote your Tution Classes
                                   Music and Dance Classes            
                                   PG and Hostels            
                                   Fitness and Gym

Advertisement for College Students to promote your -            
                                   College Fests                        
                                   College Events
                                   College Workshop

Earn money online -                                                                                        
            Studream also help the Housewives to get Extra Income,Start your Service to offer food to Students who come to your City for Study.

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